First Global Academy - Virtuoso club

About Us

How we got here

One industry veteran and his dream to shape the future of
Islamic Banking and Finance

Our Vision
To brand Islamic finance for people of all faiths and beliefs through education, training, career development and Thought-Provoking Leadership Programs both physically and virtually.
  • First Global Academy (FGA), founded in 2006
  • FGA Celebrated 10th Anniversary in 2016 and is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year with plans in place to get listed in 2026
  • Has produced more than 5000 Islamic finance talents to the local & regional Islamic finance markets
  • Won many global awards for developing talents and bringing awareness on Islamic finance to people of all faiths & beliefs
  • FGA iBanker Programs approved by the local TVEC, and recognised by various global bodies for blended and joint programs
  • Gone digital on all FGA programs from July 2020 to reach out to all – locally, regionally & globally

FGA Achievements